Bespoke Tours


Have you ever wanted to join Sally on one of her sourcing trips to Bali?

Well, you can as Sal is offering a range of exclusive bespoke tours to Bali specialising in interiors, good food and a whole lot of fun. If you are interested in joining a tour, please fill out your details below. Please note in the comments which tour you would be interested in. Options are:

April Dates:

Group 1: 14th -19th April - fully booked

Group 2: 22nd - 27th April

September Dates:

Group 1: 1st -6th September

Group 2: 9th-14th September 

What will the tour entail?

Everything that Sally loves about Bali packaged up into a 6 days, 5 nights escape. 

For more details, sign up below and be the first to know. 

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