Aussie Beach Shacks

Aussie Beach Shacks

Why do so many yearn for their own humble shack, nestled on a beach of our wild coastline?

Or a shack surrounded by the colours and sounds of the Aussie bush?

Perhaps you grew up reading – and being captivated - by Storm Boy, the Colin Thiele novel of a young boy’s friendship with the pelican, Mr Percival.

Written in the late 70s, the characters of Storm Boy and his father Hideaway Tom lived carefree in a shanty-shack on the wild dunes of South Australia.

This lovely but heart-wrenching story has had generations dreaming of one day owning their own beach shack. But sadly, they are fast disappearing.

Beach shacks dot our coastline and islands, from the top end to the Great Southern Ocean. And if you’re lucky enough to have one, we’re very jealous!

In keeping true to their laidback lifestyle, they are often wonderfully styled with vintage nautical and fishing finds, such as lobster potspaddlesglass floats and nets.

You can ‘visit’ many of these shacks all in the one place by following @beachshacksofaustralia on Instagram, a collection curated by Coastal Vintage that shows off all their wonderful (and sometimes a little weird!), shapes, colours and styles.

If you, or your kids, haven’t read Storm Boy, do yourself and favour and check it out. 

It’s a classic that stands the test of time – a little like the humble Aussie beach shack.

And of course, a true Storm Boy styled shack wouldn't be complete without a squadron of Pelicans!

Find your beach-shack-style at www.coastalvintage.

Beach shack images with thanks to @ourbeachshack_tasmania, @salted_sunrise, @tasmania_shacklife, @thehappy.shack, and @southcoastescapes