Kim Wallace Ceramics

Kim Wallace Ceramics

We recently had the opportunity to work with the very talented team from KW Ceramics.

Kim Wallace Ceramics is a boutique ceramics studio based in Noosa, Queensland. 

They make a collection of functional and decorative objects entirely by hand, from plates and bowls to vases and reusable takeaway cups, that are as beautiful as they are useful.

Their studio is home to a growing team of creatives - potters, glazers, designers and thinkers; each bringing a unique skill set to work everyday. 

Kim and her team selected pieces from our warehouse to compliment their new range of white on stone dinnerware, and deep green table linens.

Sea urchinsglass floats and vintage bread boards add some colour and contrast to the table.

Using a piece of Blue Ridge coral as her inspiration, Kim added timber pieces and vintage glass bottles to compliment her range. 

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