Maritime Flags

Maritime Flags

Maritime flags are designated for use on ships and boats to spell out short messages and have been widely used for centuries from when they were introduced in the 1850's.

We source many old maritime flags from decommissioned ships from around the world. 

With their bright vibrant colours they can now be reused as home decor.  

In our old shop we used to display them on the stair rail and many customers would buy these to display on the wall. 

A popular styling with flags is in the bedroom in lieu of artwork.

Perfect in children's rooms, maybe choose the flag that represents each kids name!

As you can see the letter M looks fantastic in this bedroom in the home of @annie_w1nkler

Interior designer @house.society created a banner when styling a clients home to add some colour and nautical style. 

When stored on ships the flags are rolled and organised alphabetically in pigeon holes, ready for use when needed. 

Sometimes flown for decoration when in port, each flag or pennant represents a letter or number. 

Some also have other meanings when flown by themselves, for example the 'A' flag is used on dive boats to signal diver below. 

For more information about the meanings of signal flags, click here: International Code of Flags

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