Overseas Shipments

Overseas Shipments

At a time when the borders were open, we were very privileged to travel the globe sourcing those one-of-a-kind pieces and other coastal & nautical wares with the hope that they end up in homes, cafes, hotels & beach shacks right across Australia and world wide. 

Fortunately, having made those contacts before covid hit, we have been able to continue sourcing via phone. 

Finding old wares takes time. 

Days are spent going from one dusty warehouse to another in hot humid weather. 

Sometimes it take 5 or 10 warehouses before you can find that one thing that is suitable and when you do find those items it is always exciting. 

Some days I may only find a couple of things. Other days, it can be half a container load.

A week or so later when I'm done hitting the pavements and the shopping is over, it is time for the cargo company to pick up all the wares and packaged them into the container and fill it right to the brim! 

Once it is all packaged it usually takes another 4 to 6 weeks or so before it arrives. 

Before it actually lands on our shores, tons of paperwork is processed and then customs & quarantine access it before it is released and delivered to us here in Noosa.

It can take 3 days or it can take up to 10 days from the time it has landed in port to be delivered as customs will inspect the container or send out someone from the Agricultural department to inspect the items as you unload them. 

By then I've forgotten a lot of what I had found and when we open the doors of the container it is like Christmas and that thrill of the find is experienced all over again. 

Many hands make light work!

It usually takes us several hours to unload and then we begin the long process of unpacking, checking off each item, labelling, measuring and then preparing the items for photographs & storing into our warehouse.  

Over the weeks to follow, the crew begin styling & photographing each item for the website & social media. 

We currently photograph a large selection of items every week. They are then edited and uploaded to the website.

This keeps the website fresh and interesting with different finds from all around the world available every 7-8 days.  

Products don't last long on the website as they often sell quickly. 

It keeps us busy and we love it as the finds can be so interesting with wonderful stories to tell and we try to share those stories as much as we can.

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