Etched Glass Panel - Pair #4065

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Now this is something very special.

These glass panels were salvaged from a property that was built in the 1940's and were found hidden away in storage (please excuse the streak marks in the photos, they were very dusty!)

Each has amazing etched illustrations of a lighthouse high on a cliff, with a galleon ship sailing below. 

During the salvage process some chips were suffered in the lower corners of the panel. On two panels these chips are small, on the third it is quite large. 

Because of this we were gifted the third panel as a 'spare' which is a courtesy we will pass on to the lucky person who purchases these panels. So, you will essentially receive three panels for the price of the pair. 

Once framed into a window or door the chips would not be seen. 

Just imagine them fitted into a set of sliding internal doors, or as feature panel with the morning light shining through! 

Please note these will be shipped by custom shipping quote only. No shipping has been added. Pick up from our Noosa warehouse welcome. 

Measures approx: 180cm x 90cm each