Giant Clam Shell #5424

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We have found another giant clam shell and this one really is giant! 

This stunning shell has has the most beautiful, natural off white and grey tones.

The underside is rough and textured with years of coral growth built up on it's surface.

It has been professionally shaped to smooth the edges.

And at some point in it's life it has had a metal stand attached to the bottom. The stand is now gone but the holes where it was fitted remain. These can not be seen unless the shell is flipped over. 

It would be an amazing feature piece in a home, garden or perhaps your buildings foyer or reception area. Please note it is very heavy so will need to be placed on a solid surface. 

Measures approx: 74cm x 52cm x 28cm  50kg


Due to the size and weight of this piece shipping is by custom quote only. Pick up from our Noosa warehouse always welcome.