Interior Styling

 Here at Coastal Vintage we believe that styling a home is a personal one that connects your story to your lifestyle. With most of Australia's population living by the sea, Coastal Vintage brings you those beautiful aesthetics to suit the coastal lifestyle.  Our approach to styling comes with a passion for vintage decor and all things tied to the sea.

We source one-of-a-kind treasures from across the seven seas that have stories of their own and that suit the coastal style space. With a diversity of coastal styles such as Hamptons, Luxe Fishing Shack, Beach House Style, Nautical, Coastal Vintage and so on, we consider ourselves after a decade in the industry very much experienced and informative these designs.

covstaff0121.jpeg What We Offer!

In Home Style Meet With Our Interior Stylist

Penne FitzGerald first dabbled in styling as an events planner in 2000, and the fire was ignited!  After completing studies in Interior Decoration and Design, she now has over a decade of interior styling experience under her belt. 

 Penne aims to help you create an interior you love, sourcing interesting and beautiful items from Coastal Vintage for your home, and styling them in a way that gives your home warmth and soul. She believes your home should tell your story; and sentimental things should be displayed and enjoyed.

Born on the Sunshine Coast and raised in the Queensland outback, Penne also spent years working in England, Austria and Turkey.

This diverse background has given her a warm and unpretentious approach to interior styling, where she specialises in blending old and new items to create beautiful, eclectic spaces. 

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Image - The Jetty Port Willunga 

In Store Meet

We offer a complimentary in-store tour to provide you with a personalised tour of our warehouse and show you what beautiful wares are on offer and guide you on how to style these beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces in your own home. Simply pop in and ask one of our crew members to show you.