Rio Pardo Water Colour Painting

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This is a lovely very old water colour painting of the troopship Rio Pardo that we have professionally framed.

Here is an extract of a newspaper clipping from the Adelaide advertiser that we found about this ship. It was dated: 18 July 1919.


The transport Rio Pardo, with 27 men for this State, arrived at the Outer Harbour shortly after 6 p.m. on Thursday. The men were granted leave until 9 a.m. to- day when they will be medically examined at Keswick. The Victorian troops landed and were conveyed overland to Melbourne by special train, which left the Harbor at 8.30 p.m. Their place on the vessel was filled by 108 Tasmanian troops, who have been waiting to get home for some time, but have not been able to do so, owing to the ship- ping strike. These men arrived in Adelaide on Thursday by train. The one officer landed for South Australia was Lieutenant I. J. Symons. Lieutenant A. B. Mortimer was in charge of the dis-embarkation. The interstate men were entertained by the Y.M.CA. and the V.A.D. at the buffet at the Outer Harbour.

Mr. R. A. Pomeroy, of the Y.M.CA., left with the Victorians, and he will see to their comfort on the train.

The Rio Pardo will leave early this morning for Hobart.

Fascinating isn't it? Did you have a relative that returned from the war on this ship?

Measures: 69cm x 57cm

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