Tohuko Rolling Pin Glass Floats

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These are called Tohuku rolling pins and are from the Tohuku region of Japan. 

They were blown into moulds to give them this shape. The Japanese fishermen used these floats more than 40 years ago for octopus fishing and integrated the smaller round glass buoys to support the nets.

The Japanese began using recycled glass to make fishing floats around 1910 & continued until the early 1970's. Today, glass floats are no longer produced for fishing as they have been replaced by plastic ones.

Vintage glass floats have now become highly sought after as collector’s items.

These aqua/green floats will look great displayed in any home – coastal or country. We carry a few of these in stock, we will select for you from stock on hand at the time of purchase.

They vary in size approx 8-12cms long.

This price is for 1 rolling pin float.