Sofie Seyah

Sofie Seyah

Sofie Seyah is a long time customer of ours & a West Australian based artist who describes herself as a mother, ocean lover, and watercolour artist. 

A marine scientist and conservationist. And an eclectic stylist and treasure hunter. 

Born with a paintbrush in one hand and a crayon in the other, a stones throw from the ocean she went on to become

an environmental scientist with a focus on marine and coastal eco systems.

After becoming a mother she returned to her artistic roots.


We love her style and are delighted to share photos of her beautiful studio filled with seaside & vintage finds with many treasures from our store.


Around her home and studio an eclectic mix of items and inspirations can be found. 

An old letterpress tray hung on the wall is filled with shells while vintage bottles hold paintbrushes. 


 Her artworks aim to find a balance between an artists whimsy and a scientist need for accuracy, resulting in stunningly beautiful but still incredibly life like works. 

Old glass fishing floats of all sizes are hung around the space as well as used to style her work, and even more shells and sea urchins are stored in old glass cabinets.


Through her work she hopes to inspire a love of the ocean and it's creatures that will also contribute to an interest in conservation.

To learn more about Sofie and to see more of her work go to

To recreate Sofie's styling you can find similar pieces on our website

Photos courtesy of Tanya Gray Photography.