Our Story


Coastal Vintage - a vintage shop in Noosa is captained by Sally Oulton who has turned her love for the high seas into a global treasure hunt, bringing you a rare collection of hand-picked coastal and nautical wares.

We source one-of-a-kind vintage items that are awash with myths and tales of the sea.

Our authentic collection is the only and best curation in Australia, and from our base in Noosa we ship all over the globe. We’re also known to keep a weather-eye open for specific treasures our customers covet, so email us your brief. 

If you’d like to see how our nostalgic wares inspire collectors, designers and stylists alike, go to our Inspiration page and/or to our clients page to find out how they feature in their homes, venues and projects.

Enjoy sharing our love of all things Coastal Vintage.

Sally and her CoV Crew

Tanya, Holly, Janine, Kel & Amanda