Our Impact

Here at Coastal Vintage we try our best to operate with a strong social conscience.  We source a large percentage of our pieces locally, but when we do source further a field we endeavour to do so gently and with a focus on giving back to the local community and supporting local business.

Coral and Shells

Our coral and shells are either old and acquired from estate sales, or have been collected under the strictest environmental controls & from fish farms. These gifts from nature are sustainably sourced, CITES approved and covered by numerous strict Australian & International Environment compliance certificates. Our new shells are the by-product of the shell farming industry where shell meat is sold to restaurants and the shell becomes a waste product. 

Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you would like more information.

       Bali Street Mums Project


Coastal Vintage is a passionate supporter of the Bali Street Mums Project. Sally visits Bali 3-4 times a year to source old wares from all over Indonesia. Bali Street Mums Project was established by Kim Farr over 7-years ago to help rescue children and mothers from the streets and rubbish dumps of Bali.

These beautiful women and children have sadly experienced the most extreme poverty and abuse. Today, they now have a safe place to live provided by the organisation and have also been taught skills to empower them. They can now work and earn a living rather than have to beg on the streets. To date, more than 400 women and children have been helped by the organisation. 

If you would like to help, we stock a fabulous range of glassware made by the mum's. The women collect empty bottles from restaurants and repurpose them into drinking glasses. Each has been crafted with love by the mothers involved in the project, with the profits returning to the safe house to allow the Bali Street Mum's Project to continue this valuable work.